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Bonaldo Art Table

Table with steel base in 10 finishes. Top in glass, wood or ceramic.*
*Not all finishes are available on all sizes.
Optional detail: same finish as the top on the outside verticals of the base.

Barrel shape sizes:

L180xD100cm (L71”xD39.4”)

L250 x D112cm (L98.4" x D44")

L300xD108 or 120cm(L118”xD42.5" or 47.2”) Depth depends on type of top.

Also available in fixed Rectangular sizes:

L160xD90cm (L63”xD35.4”)
L180xD90cm (L71”xD35.4”)

L220xD100cm (L86.6"xD39.4")

L250 xD100cm (L98.4”xD39.4”)

L300xD108 or 120cm (L118”xD42.5” or 47.2"), depending on top.

Extendible sizes:
L160xD90cm, extends to 240cm (L63”xD35.4”, extends to 94.5”)
L180xD90cm, extends to 260cm (L71”xD35.4”, extends to 102”)
L200xD99 or 100cm, extends to 300cm (L78.7”xD39” or 39.4”, extends to 118”)

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