Harem Prestige

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Great variety of sizes and shapes that makes this model new and attractive.
Main structure made of multilayer wood and metallic loom for the moving parts. Seat cushions made of polyurethane foam covered with memory foam layers thus granting a soft and comfortable sea- ting comfort.
TECH means that the sofa is equipped with a low, modern back, made of polyurethane foam cove- red with memory foam, that can easily become very relaxing.
The STYLE version, instead, includes a higher back made of polyurethane foam covered with a fea- ther quilt.
Three types of armrests available for both versions: RELAX with the same relaxing movement as the TECH back, LARGE for an important and steady outlook, SMALL granting high comfort also in small places.
The sofa can be matched with two originally-shaped, innovative chaise longue elements.

There are too many sizes to list.  Please email us with your ideal length and we will send you a spec sheet.