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Additional Product DetailsAdditional Product Details
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Design: Daniele Molteni

Net has a modern and funny design, is a stackable chair, also available with armrests. Its confort, easy-handling, and versatility are the main qualities of this model. It's suitable for modern kitchens and spacious terraces and is easy to clean, thanks to the excellent choice of material used for the body. Bontempi combined with this piece of furniture, practicality and design typical Italian.

Structure finishing:
Aluminium lacquered steel

white lacquered steel

sand lacquered steel

black lacquered steel 

anthracite lacquered steel 

Seat and back finishing:
Grey texplast
Black texplast
White texplast
Sand texplast
48 x 59 x h 81/46 cm Net
55 x 59 x h 81/46  cm Net with armrest 

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