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Sigma table available in canaletto walnut or burnt oak with natural solid irregular edges. The base is a varnished dark grey metal with legs that can be placed in parallel or in perpendicular position to each other. Made in Italy.

100x200 x H75 cm (39.3” x 78.7” x H29.5”)

120x240 x H75 cm ( 47.2” x 94.4” x H29.5”)

120x300 x H75 ( 47.2” x 118.1” x H29.5”)


Sigma Drive (extendible version).  Legs must be both placed perpendicular to the top.

110 x 200//300 x H75 cm (43.3” x 78.7”// 118.1” x H29.5”)


120 x 240//340 x H75 cm (47.2” x 94.4”//133.8” x H29.5”)