Torii tables

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Torii - a Japanese getaway that leads to a Shinto shrine, or more simply, a sacred area.
The ceramic top appears floating in a void, while the unvarnished steel frame adds a post- industrial look. The 3mm thick ceramic is stain and scratch resistant. While flexible, it is also extremely durable.


Tables with height 35cm (13.7”):

125x39cm (49.2”x15.3”)

130x43cm (51.2”x16.9”)

136x64cm (53.5”x25.2”)

141x68cm (55.5”x26.7”)


Tables with height 40cm (15.7”):

43x39cm (16.9”x15.3”)

48x43cm (18.9”x16.9”)

68x64cm (26.7”x25.2”)

73x68cm (28.7”x26.7”)