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Dining table in fixed or extendible versions.  Made in Italy.

Leg finishes:  natural Canaletto walnut, white glossy lacquer or white matte lacquer.

Top finishes:  acid black glass, acid x-white glass, walnut (walnut top is available on fixed sizes only) and ceramic.


Fixed version - height is 75 cm (29.5”)

165x90cm (65” x 35.4”)

180x90cm (71”x35.4”)

220x100cm (86.6”x39.4”)


Extendible version - height is 75cm (29.5”)

165x90cm, extends to 235cm (65”x35.4”, extends to 92.5”)

180x90cm, extends to 250cm (71”x35.4”, extends to 98.4”)

220x100cm, extends to 290cm (86.6”x39.4”, extends to 114.2”)