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Balanced and elegant, the Universe table has a steel base with details that can be made in a contrasting colour.


Dimensions (height is always 75cm (29.5”))

Barrel top: 200x116cm (78.7” x D45.6”)
Barrel top: 250x120cm (98.4” x D47.2”)
Oval top: 200x106cm (78.7” x D41.7”)
Oval top: 250x116cm (98.4” x D45.6”)
Rectangle top: 200x100cm (78.7” x D39.4”)

Rectangle top: 200x106cm (78.7” x D41.7”)

Rectangle top: 250x100cm (98.4” x D39.4”)

Rectangle XXL top: 250x106cm (98.4”x D41.7”)

Rectangle XXL top: 300x120cm (118.1”x D47.2”)

* Note: not all top finishes are available on all sizes.  Please ask a sales rep for more info. The XXL versions use two round bases.

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