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“Using a mathematical language we could say that the origin of Cartesiano is given by two intersecting tops”. This is how the designer Ferruccio Laviani tells how this new producti was born. In fact, the executive system Cartesiano is made up of tops that, crossing each other, define the top and the base of this desk with pure but resolute lines underlined by the finishing used in the various combinations. Wood and Marble or Saddle Leather and Wood: each combination gives life to a unique and precious object. The wide dimensions of the desk and the details that beautify it, melt with the volume of the sideboard cabinet that plays in contrast with the materials of the other element. Tops and volumes which intersecting each other give life to a mini office architecture that in addition to the desk is enriched with high and low cabinets that can also be used in a domestic context. For versatility and design, Cartesiano is a contemporary vision of executive furniture that , without losing its original function, manages to transfer elegance and richness through simple lines, new combinations and sophisticated finishing.
The model is available in different dimensions and finishes with the following main materials: leather, saddle leather, gray stained black walnut wood and macassar ebony wood.
Other finishes available only on request.
The tops and legs of the desks are made of particleboard panel veneered or covered with leather or saddle leather. The top of desks are equipped with an electrified box with 2x universal power outlets, 2x USB, 1x Audio 3.5, 1x HDMI, 2x RJ45 with a leather or saddle leather cover cap.
The desk is always equipped with a leg and a front element that comes out from the top, which is available upholstered in leather or saddle leather, veneered or in New Saint Laurent marble. For reasons of stability, the desk requires a chest of drawers or a fixed return cabinet. The fixed chest of drawers has a veneered frame; the return cabinet always has the base, the feets and the side veneered while the top can be covered in leather or saddle leather or veneered. In both cases the doors or drawers are available in the same finishes; the opening mechanism is always with a push & pull system. Handles are available in pewter‐colored leather or steel.
The furniture is available in two heights (760 mm or 960 mm). The furniture structures are always made of 19 mm thick black melamine. The base, the feet and the right side are always in essence; the top and left side are available in leather or leather and in essence. The fronts of the furniture consist of drawers and doors of various sizes and are available in leather or leather or in essence. The handles are always in leather or leather or in pewter‐colored steel. The internal shelves are always made of black melamine while the drawers are in matt black beech plywood with steel guides.