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DIESYS responds to a metropolitan, contemporary style with traditional elements.  The structure is made from laser-cut, brushed steel with a clear coat protection.  The shelves are walnut or ebony.  Additional  features, including drawers, dividers and leather containers can be added for interest and closed storage.

Designed by:  Giuseppe Bavuso

Available Widths: 
107.8cm (42.4”), 142.2cm (56”), 177.8cm (70”) or 212.6cm (83.7”)

Depth:  30cm (11.8”)

Possible Heights:
22cm(8.6”), 41cm(16.1”), 60cm (23.6”),
79cm (31.1”), 98cm (38.5”), 106cm (41.7”),
117cm (46”), 136cm (53.5”), 155cm (61”),
174cm (68.5”), 193cm (76”), 212cm (83.5”), 231cm (91”)

Max load 30kg (65lbs) per shelf, evenly distributed.