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With their subtle design and distinctive details, Segno bedside and drawer units add a fresh, modern accent to any bedroom. Compact, modular arrangements create customised space-saving solutions thanks to the wide range of sizes available. The distinguishing feature of this line is the way the linear handle is carved out of the exceptionally-thick fronts. The aligned handles – that can also mirror each other – produce an interesting alternation of distinctive, horizontal “marks”.

See PDF specs sheet, or call/email for details, as there are MANY sizes of this product.

7 modules in height 16" (6 lengths)

7 modules in height 20" (6 lengths)

10 modules in height 24" (7 lengths)

8 modules in height 30" (5 lengths)

2 modules in height 49.6" (2 lengths)

Downloads segno-specs

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